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pacific coast highway road trip

The pacific coast highway – the whole photo story part II

This blog post is a continuation of the first part of the USA west coast road trip. If you still haven't read our way through canyons and valleys of the american west coast, do not hesitate to do so. Moreover, if you are interested in the whole itinerary, The ultimate ...
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USA west coast road trip – the whole photo story part I

In September 2016 we have traveled together through one of the most beautiful parts of America. The west coast road trip is usually divided into 2 parts - the canyon and the californian loop. The canyon loop contains mainly canyons in Utah and Arizona, while the other one is famous ...
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monument valley vs san francisco

USA west coast road trip – an ultimate travel plan shortcut

As the time passes by, August, the month of planning the trip is finally here for all Work and travel participants. Most of you guys keep asking me about our previous USA west coast road trip. Except the itinerary of our whole 22 days (13 days on the west coast) ...
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An ordinary day of an ordinary lifeguard in USA

Many of you guys have been constantly asking me, what actually I was doing as a lifeguard in USA. This post is for all of you, who are considering this job and need a last “bump” to finally decide to go for it and also for everyone else who just got here and is ...
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10 things what an american lifeguard won‘t tell you

I bet you all have at least one friend who was a former american lifeguard and you were shaking in jealousy seeing all these lazy posts from sun bed on social media saying „chilling at work“ or „who is paying you for not doing anything“. Well, not everything is what it seems like. As ...
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